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Tonight just be mine

Not for the world to share I just want to enjoy very heavy detailed conversation with you. I want to feel my hands around your every inch. I love lingerie and truth be told I find it a little provocative but Rema didn’t seem to mind when I got her the red lingerie the sightContinue reading “Tonight just be mine”



The deafening whimpers I met a stranger at midnightHer scent flowery, ignitesThe heat thrumming up on bellyWith the sweep of a thumb Her words touches meWhere hands wouldn’t reachThe curl on her lipsWhen she smilesLeaves me wanting The curves of her hipsEmerging through her skinWith my long fingersSavouring the fine ridges if her stretch marksPlunderingContinue reading “LETTERS TO MY UNKNOWN LOVER”


Twists and turns Breathe darlingAre the whispers i recallThis is probably a prose Or two but not the whole story Of the beautiful moves She made me learn,Moving to the beats In synchronized motionSoft and slow As the choreo comes to a haltGliding over each otherAs we were skatersThe excitement beneathBreathe, darlingAs the arms aroundContinue reading “LETTER TO MY UNKNOWN LOVER”


If tomorrow starts without meWithout you seeing meIt’s one thing I have never imaginedTo ever happen to youIts shaking medarkness caves in,As  all becomes sourPain so deep nothing to make me strongThe burning sensationWhen I go through our old picturesThe memories that cloudThe wishing If only I couldI would bring you backIf tomorrow starts withoutContinue reading “SILENT TEARS”


The streams of memoriesTrickles down my mindSpringing up my conciousnsessOf the way he used to rubMy cheeks with his phalangesThe way his thumb traced it’sway down my noseOf how our lipsMoved in synced motionLearning to breatheyour exhaled airFeeling it’s freshness in my lungs My eyes lament overwhat I have lostThe stains of teardropsUnder my pillowCanContinue reading “IT AINT YOU”


This is my rageIn this very ageLocked in my own cageNot able to engageWith the stage Someone stole my sunshineShe crossed the borderlineAnd fell in love with CarolineThe shade of her skin, carmineBetween them no bounds confined In the aficionadoHe fell in love with his afroThe swift, allegro, momentsWith his hands akimboMy one and onlyContinue reading “THIS IS MY RAGE”


Masculinity is a prisonThat leaves you abandonedFeeling trapped, poisonedStripped nakedAnd left defenseless You see!!Growing up repeatedly toldBoys don’t cryThat’s as a man, you don’t relyInstead you are relied onBE A MANAre the words we are toldAnd the narrative never get old Men are trappedMade to adaptCuffed behind our emotionsFeelings skewedCompensating their insecuritiesBrewing up depressionSadness blanketsContinue reading “BOYS DON’T CRY”


STRAP UP When I pull upOn the streets flashlightRight beforeHeavy weight is lightOn my chest core Everything is on mePut your penis to the in sideYour hands alongsideAllied to my hipWith every twist and turnThe light kisses on my lip Remind me of somethingEverything, anythingTick out every darkFantasy off Light the fireAnd let’s burnIn angushContinue reading “LETTERS TO MY UNKNOWN LOVER”