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My friend recently got married and I wrote her this piece.

Today is finally your day
I’m excited in every possible way
As u begin this new chapter
Ahead it’s blurred
And all u need is the altar
It will be a journey not a destination
Judged are your actions
You are yet to write a great story
One to be read below a tree
In a tee sipping my tea
Each chapter will get better than before
With every snore
It may be soar
But you will hang on
This will be the best moment of your life
For you are being a wife
You are marring your best friend
In him u will blend
It’s you and him till the end
It’s a bye to u my friend
As u explore this journey
Even when he treats u as a toy
Ensure to bring him joy
For when two are joined
No one can separate them
Happy marriage friend


Published by Sonn_ie_K

If it ain't juicy, it ain't worth it

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